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Reasonable demand

 A desire to oppose war drill against the north and safeguard peace in the Korean peninsula grows among people from various fields.

The whole area of south Korea is turned into a theater of fratricide rampage from the beginning of this year, war game against the north should be stopped at once, citizens demand.

The press and the experts criticize that owing to the reckless confrontational acts of the south Korean military, inter-Korean ties are still at grave deadlock saying that “dialog” touted by the authorities is no more than a petty trick to gloss over and deceive public sentiment.

From the outset of the New Year, the military has conducted a fierce aggressive exercise for preemptive strike on the north, cold-endurance training and various kinds of firing exercises including naval vessel live firing practice.

This is vivid provocation against compatriots and open challenge to public sentiment desirous of peace and security in the Korean peninsula.

Due to the thoughtless confrontation acts of the military warmongers which cause a vicious circle of war and showdown reeking off the smell of powder to strike the north from early in January of this year, regardless of the strong demand both at home and abroad, and the just and fair demand of the north for the suspension of war game and withdrawal of double-dealing attitude, the situation of the Korean peninsula is getting worse.

The reality clearly shows what the root of the aggravation of the inter-Korean relations and the escalation of tension is.

It is very natural for the south Korean people from all social standings to denounce reckless moves of the military maniacs steeped in war and confrontation and shameless perfidy of the present authorities.


A slogan in denunciation of hostilities toward the north


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