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Reckless military maneuver

     South Korea and the US are hell-bent on conducting a war drill against north Korea.

In this month alone south Korea and the US staged a joint maritime exercise with involvement of a flattop in the waters adjacent to Okinawa Island from June 2 to 4.

Involved in the rehearsal were not only the south Korean naval warships including amphibious training ship and Aegis destroyer, but also the US naval warships including nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan.

On June 7, the south Korea-US joint air drill was conducted again with involvement of 16 fighters of the south Korean air force including F-35A, F-15K and KF-16, and 4 F-16 fighters of the USAF.

The south Korean military has plan to take part in the US-led large scale maritime exercise RIMPAC, and is expected to participate in the multinational aerial rehearsal Pitch Black with involvement of 11 countries including the US, Japan and Australia in August.

This is none other than a thoughtless bid for disturbing peace to drive the situation to the dangerous phase, as a shock force and an advance detachment of the US for the realization of its Indo-Pacific strategy.

Owing to reckless war game against north Korea being conducted by the US and the bellicose south Korean military without letup, the situation of the Korean Peninsula are caught in a vicious circle of faceoff.

Moreover, after the assumption of Yoon Suk-yeol hostile to north Korea, the trigger-happy south Korean military runs amuck to carry out war game against north Korea in a bid to throw south Korea into a base of war in cahoots with the US.

A tiger moth is destined to perish in the flames.

What is clear is that north Korea is a world military power as well as nuclear power which no one dares provoke.

If anyone is going to irritate north Korea, it would result in unimaginable calamity.

Military provocation of the south Korean military would face only self-destruction.

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