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Reckless military provocation

Of late, the south Korean military authorities have made military provocation to rattle the nerves of north Korea.  

They have resumed joint military exercises with different missions which had been suspended with spread of COVID-19 from the middle of April.

They are launching independent drills of tactics, mobility shooting, parachute, crossing, anti-gas and anti-terrorism. 

It conducted battalion-level joint aerial rehearsal with the US air force from April 20 to 24 and decided to participate in the US-led Rimpac joint military game.

The south Korean military authorities are enthused with reinforcement of the armed forces against north Korea. 

It deployed high-altitude reconnaissance drone Global Hawk in the middle of April in secrecy, deployed medium-range ground-to-air missiles and held a launching ceremony of new-type escort ship. 

It declared at a meeting that it is going to develop joint tactical data link system by 2026 and make a destroyer by 2030 with investment of 900 million US$.

It is an expression of their sinister attempt to stifle north Korea militarily and, at the same time, it shows their black-hearted intention remain unchanged.

Owing to dangerous military maneuvers of the south Korean military together with the US, the situation on the Korean Peninsula is turning sour. 

South Korean people of various strata should block their military maneuvers with persevering actions.          

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