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Reckless war moves

The south Korean military is hell-bent on the military showdown against the fellow countrymen from early in January.

The military brass of three services inspected south Korean army units from the very beginning of this year to examine their combat readiness and excite them with inter-Korean confrontation, and a fierce firing exercise coping with firepower of the enemy was conducted at the training field near the demilitarized zone in Paju City of Gyeonggi Province.

Besides, lots of the units are mobilized for a cold-endurance field training under the cloak of making full preparation for battle.

Moreover, the south Korean military dispatched 2 sea patrol planes to the Guam for Sea Dragon-2022, an antisubmarine rehearsal of multinational coalition being conducted under the leadership of the US armed forces.

Days ago, warlike remarks saying that strengthening of war potential must be accelerated, resounded without hesitation at a meeting sponsored by the Ministry of Defense.

These facts vividly show that the military which ran amuck to build up arms and strengthened war potential last year is imprudently resorting to aggressive moves against the compatriots in the New Year.

The inter-Korean relations and the situation of the Korean peninsula are still at grave deadlock. It is unthinkable apart from the confrontational behavior of the present south Korean authorities who have conducted different military drills and arms buildup under the pretext of containing the DPRK.

They are hastening arms buildup at a heavy outlay of blood tax which would bring even the conservatives to shame in spite of serious economic crisis and the difficulty of the people’s living amid worldwide pandemic.

They have been actually whetting the sword for aggression behind the veil of “talk” and “peace”, which is a disgusting double-dealing attitude.

The military move against the other side is a manifestation of the most intensive and direct hostile viewpoint and policy toward it.

Owing to the reckless war moves which they have conducted kowtowing to outside forces without letup, the situation of the Korean peninsula is still insecure and the inter-Korean ties remain aggravated. It is totally impossible for the south Korean ruling quarters to deny this fact.

Such confrontational and traitorous behavior of the south Korean authorities, who make frantic efforts to prepare an aggressive war against the north running counter to public sentiment desirous of peace and security of  the Korean peninsula, will never be tolerated.

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