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Red Flag Fluttering High in the Sky

Looking back upon the past, the revolutionary career of great peerless men of Mt. Paektu is the great one of defending the red flag.

President Kim Il Sung held aloft the red flag of the Down-with-Imperialism Union (DIU) in his teen age and set out on the road of revolution, regarding national liberation and independence as his noble mission. 

He led a 20-year-long bloody war against Japanese invaders to liberate the country, holding higher the red flag.   

The President, the iron-willed brilliant commander, held aloft the red flag in the thick of a three-year-long Korean War against US imperialism and the postwar period of rehabilitation when the hostile elements within and without offered challenges both openly and secretly to the DPRK government.

Chairman Kim Jong Il, once said that President Kim Il Sung has a preference for red color, red flower and red flag.  

Kim Jong Il continued that his preference is for red color and the red flag that is associated with a sturdy faith of the President is the banner of victory and struggle of the Korean revolution. 

The red flag should be held aloft though cowards furled the red flag, the red flag is a symbol of faith of the President as well as mine, he noted. 

As he had a strong affection for the red flag, he administered Songun politics in the period of Arduous March and forced march, declaring “Let cowards flinch and traitors sheer, we’ll keep the Red Flag flying here” and this is an inflexible faith, conscience and pledge of the DPRK people.

Taking a nap in his car and rice-ball on his way to inspection tour, he dedicated his all to defend the red flag.

The DPRK red flag has registered victory and glory, adding luster to red ray in the vortex of troublous history.

The red flag that associated with the whole life of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il and the banner of all victories and glory is a symbol, breath and spirit of the DPRK.

The red flag of Songun Korea that is associated with an unyielding faith and will of the DPRK army and people to attain a final victory under the leadership of Marshal Kim Jong Un would flutter forever as an ever-victorious banner.

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