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Reeking off the smell of powder

The U.S. and south Korean warmongers are going reckless in their move to conduct war game against the DPRK at the time when U.S. President Trump made rubbish about the total destruction of the DPRK at the UN General Assembly, pushing the situation of the Korean Peninsula to a more uncontrollable catastrophe.

The south Korean bellicose force started war rehearsal Hwarang against the DPRK in Seoul from September 25.

The Army Capital Garrison Command, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, 25 self-governing bodies including Seoul, the reserves and 80 000 people are involved in the war exercise which lasts September 29.

The south Korean warmongers are conducting search, strike and evacuation drills by mobilizing the south Korean army in Seoul under the pretense of establishment of joint defense posture of civilian, authorities, army and police to cope with infiltration and provocation of a local war by someone.

The U.S. let B-1B called “black swan” and F-35B based in Guam to fly over the sky of south Korea on September 18 after consultation with south Korea. It let B-1B to fly to the northern tip of the demilitarized zone on September 23.

The sally of B-1B is a clear message of President Trump that he has many military options to cope with any threat, a spokesman for the U.S. Defense Department said.  

The U.S. and south Korean belligerent forces have plan to launch a joint naval exercise with the south Korean navy in the waters off the Korean Peninsula in October with involvement of nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan and its task group. 
The current circumstance goes to prove that who is a wrecker of peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula.

A guy who is fond of playing with fire should be tamed only with fire.

The DRPK declared that it would definitely tame the war maniac Trump with fire.

The U.S. and south Korean authorities, mindful of their bases of evil would be removed from the globe by powerful military muscle of the DPRK, the pivot of which is the nuclear force, should roll back its hostile policy toward the DPRK and stop war games against the DPRK at once.
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