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Reincarnation of Lee Wan-yong

 Some days ago, a cartoon was posted on an internet homepage of south Korea.  


The cartoon depicts Yoon Suk-yeol, far from defending a castle, opens a gate to the Japanese invaders who launch an attack on the castle with placards written “We are the same” and “Welcome”. The Japanese soldiers are shouting with exultation “rebirth of Lee Wan-yong”.

Yoon is busy with his efforts to smooth the ruffled ties with Japan, the sworn enemy of the Korean nation, dead to shame. Some days ago, he let the Japanese maritime “Self-Defense Force” to conduct military exercise in waters around Dok islet, trumpeting about “cooperation of security”.  

South Korean opposition parties and broad strata of south Koreans bitterly condemn Yoon for his extreme pro-Japanese servility, saying it is a never-to-be-condoned act. The ruling People’s Power Party said that the opposition parties are in sky-high spirit to smash the Japanese “Self-Defense Force” at a blow and do not brand the ruling party as pro-Japanese elements.  

There is a saying that a whistle-blower is more dangerous than a million foes.

However, the south Korean ruler opens the gate to the outsiders. His conduct makes Japs to be more arrogant and act outrageously. All humiliation and disgrace are being inflicted on the south Koreans.

The cartoon portrays Yoon who is hand in glove with Japan, the arch enemy of the Korean nation, and steeped in pro-Japanese sycophancy.

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