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Release at once!

A few days ago, a meeting was held in demand of release of students outside a detention house in Seoul.

Participated in the meeting were the members of the Youth People’s Party, the Solidarity for People’s Sovereignty and students.

The issue of defense cost sharing shows lopsided relationship between south Korea and the US. Let’s fight together to put an end to the unequal relationship with US. The People’s Party will stand in the van to release the patriotic students, the representative of the Youth People’s Party said.

There are no reasons to put four students behind the bars. The protest of the students made us know what the US really is for the south Korean people and encouraged us, the chairman of association for supporting conscientious prisoners noted.

The nationwide anti-US struggle will be more vigorous and the resistance for liquidation of conservatism will be intensified on a full scale. Let’s turn the situation better to release the students, the representative of the Progressive Students appealed.

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