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Remarkable Achievements in Economic Construction

The Korean people made achievements in economic development and improvement of the people’s standard of living this year, the third year of implementing the five-year strategy for national economic development.
Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un in his historic New Year Address in 2018 advanced the task of raising the overall strength of the Republic to a new stage of development by launching an all-people general offensive. At the Third Plenary Meeting of the Seventh Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea held in April this year he set forth a new strategic line of concentrating all efforts on socialist economic construction.
True to the Party’s grand plan and leadership, the Korean people braved difficulties and hardships in the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance and brought about great upsurge for increased production by dint of science and technology.
They built many monumental structures representative of the might of the independent economy.
An oxygen heat blast furnace, fluidized-bed gas generator, oxygen converter and oxygen separator and other Juche-based projects have been built respectively at the Kim Chaek and Hwanghae iron and steel complexes. The Chollima Steel Complex built a high-temperature air combustion rotary heating furnace and tubular heating furnace, thereby providing a sure guarantee for putting the metallurgical industry on a Juche-oriented footing.
Kangwon Province built a modern tree nursery as befits a model of the country in which the cultivation of saplings is put on a scientific, industrial and intensive basis.
Orangchon Power Station No. 5 was brought to completion, and the Tanchon Magnesia Factory set up a process of producing large-crystal electrical fusion magnesia with its own efforts and technology.
The Pyongyang Trolley Bus Factory was renovated as required by the era of the knowledge economy. It established an integrated manufacturing system so as to net maximum profits in production and business activities, ensured over 92 percent in the ratio of home-made modern equipment and introduced remote control and automation technologies into core processes, thus laying a solid foundation for developing the passenger transport sector in the country.
Kangwon and North and South Hwanghae provinces built modern corn processing factories and their branches, which are rendering services to further improving the people’s dietary life.
A distinctive finishing building materials production base, which uses pumice abundant in the Paektu Plateau area as a raw material, was built, and the Mirim Coloured Roofing Tile Factory went into operation in Pyongyang.
The Sokha Cooperative Farm in Sinuiju and the Songchon Vegetable Cooperative Farm in Wonsan were inaugurated, a 400-hectare-wide orchard was created in Pukchong County, and the Pomology Institute of the Academy of Agriculture and the Station for Stocking Lake Yonphung with Fishes and the Rinsan Catfish Farm were newly built.
The Nampho Taegyong Fishery Station built a universal catamaran, the first of its kind in the country.
The Pyongyang Taedonggang Fish Restaurant provided with the best service conditions sprang up splendidly on the banks of the picturesque Taedong River as another public catering base, representative of Pyongyang.
In the run-up to the 70th founding anniversary of the DPRK (September 9), the Taean Heavy Machine Complex, December 5 Youth Mine, Huichon Precision Machine Factory, Taedonggang Foodstuff Factory, Wonsan Salt Works and well over a thousand units fulfilled their yearly economic plans ahead of schedule, thus making tangible contributions to building up the national economic foundation.
More than 40 units in the sector of coal-mining industry in South Phyongan Province fulfilled their two- and three-year quotas of the national economic plan or their yearly plan.
The Kumsong Tractor Factory hit its production target for this year.
A forceful drive was launched to complete major projects, including the renovation of Samjiyon County and construction of the Wonsan-Kalma coastal tourist area, Tanchon Power Station and Sunchon Phosphatic Fertilizer Factory, and the project for the establishment of a C1 chemical industry.
The Korean people, full of confidence in sure victory, are now stepping up the dynamic movement for increased production to hit the goals of the five-year strategy for national economic development.
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