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Reveal of hostile intention toward compatriots

 The South Korean authorities plan to stage Ulchi-Taegeuk maneuvers for three days from 27 to 29 of October.

Why on earth are they going to start a joint military drill with the militia to cope with emergency such as wartime and terror at this point of time when the situation in the Korean peninsula is instable and covid-19 is worsening?

The present south Korean authorities have now revealed that peace and reconciliation much touted by them whenever an opportunity presented itself were just a wordplay.

They are acting as if people are exposed to danger saying that the drill is to cope with the threat to come.

It is nothing but open challenge to equitable demand and stand of the north.

Ulchi-Taegeuk military drill is a concentrated expression of the hostile intention toward the fellow countrymen and a military provocation escalating tension on the Korean peninsula on purpose.

The war game deteriorating the situation in the Korean peninsula and breaking the peace can never be tolerated.

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