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Reveal the truth

A broad spectrum of south Korean people are inflamed with surging indignation against the opposition Liberty Korea Party which debased the victims of sunken ferry Sewol and its bereaved families.

The disaster of ferry Sewol is a deliberate genocide caused by the Park Geun-hye regime.

Nevertheless, the LKP disturbed the efforts of the ad hoc committee for probing truth behind the ferry disaster and used abusive language against the bereaved families who demanded punishment of those responsible for it. Moreover, it hurled invective at the bereaved families “dangerous elements” and “political demagogue”.

A new conference was held to condemn the LKP on May 10 outside the Seoul High Public Prosecutors Office under the sponsorship of the April 16 Consultative Council of Families of Victims and the April 16 Solidarity.

They closed the press conference by chanting “Punish LKP!” and “Punish Hwang!”

On May 11, a candlelight procession took place in demand of the dissolution of the LKP and punishment of its representative Hwang Kyo-ahn and floor leader Na Kyung-won with attendance of 3 000 residents.

Another disaster of ferry Sewol would recur if the LKP remains intact, they noted and called for the people to accelerate the action to dismantle and punish the LKP by dint of the candlelight resistance. 

A candlelight rally took place on May 18 in Seoul to demand the dissolution of the LKP distorting the spirit of the Gwangju uprising and disturbing the process of investigation into the sunken ferry Sewol.
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