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Revival of A-class criminal

Some days ago, former Prime Minister of south Korea Hwang Gyo-ahn joined the Liberty Korea Party.

Hwang served as the minister of justice and prime minster in the days of the Park Geun-hye regime and retired from political life with downfall of Park as he had been involved in fascist misrule, treacherous move and irregularities and corruptions. 

He worked hard to in the work of the dissolution of the Unified Progressive Party, made a mess of investigation into the sunken ferry Sewol and tried to trample down the people who took part in the candlelight resistance to impeach Park Geun-hye at the point of the bayonet.

Upon hearing his enrollment in the LKP, the south Korean people from various circles are complaining about him.  

The LKP has turned into pro-Park Geun-hye party, Hwang evaded his military service under the pretext of nettle rash and casted covetous eyes on power, the Party for Democracy and Peace strongly reproved.

The anti-Park Geun-hye group in the LKP is rising against him, while sneering at him as a politically impeached person with Park, troublemaker and wrecker of the party. 

Hwang’s entry into the party is a frontal challenge to the candlelight demonstrators who are desirous of justice and democracy and if Hwang’s political life is allowed south Korea would be reduced into a barren land of human rights.

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