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Ridiculous hunger strike

Hwang Gyo-ahn, the representative of Liberty Korea Party, fasted in demand of abolition of GSOMIA and reform of election system but the public sentiment turned their cold back to him.

The result of public opinion with Hwang’s fast comes out negative result that almost 70 percent people don’t sympathize with it. Due to this the approval rate of the LKP falls down than before.

The ruling Democratic Party and other opposition parties are denouncing his fast as stubbornness of a political novice and a hunger strike to avert crisis and press him to come to the negotiation table for amendment of law.


Civic organizations condemned Hwang as traitor who sells out the fellow countrymen and pro-Japanese betrayer near his fasting place through the conference and rallies.

The LKP included pregnant woman in the hunger strike, is it to be called the hunger strike with supply of nutrient? Hwang knows nothing but only tonsure and hunger strike, Internet homepages and mass media ironically described.

The members of LKP blamed that it’s shameful for the representative of the opposition party persists in the hunger strike, the mode of the weak, it isn’t helpful to the party, he is weak and incompetent representative.

It’s quite natural that hunger strike of Hwang lost public favor and the face of the LKP.
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