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Righteous Assertions

 Pro-unification and civil organizations of south Korea strongly claim a clear riddance of all the evils left by south Korean conservatism and abrogation of the south Korea-US alliance.

The Citizens Solidarity for Democratic Society asserted that the south Korean authorities should push ahead a clean sweep of evil practices and social reform in order to enjoy popular support.

Civil organizations including the People’s Sovereignty Solidarity and the Progressive Federation of University Students, in their commentaries, reprimanded the south Korean authorities which conducted the south Korea-US joint military exercise regardless of peace and prosperity desired by the nation, while reading the face of the US.  

The South Side Committee for Implementing the June 15 Joint Declaration and other organizations of every degree launched dynamic actions against conclusion of agreement on defense sharing cost for the US force and the US Congressional hearing on the anti-leaflet law, carrying placards “Objection to   the US exceeding interference in internal affairs of south Korea” and “We reject the humiliating south Korea-US alliance”.  


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