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Righteous Might

On February 7, 2016.

There was a world-shaking event.

It was the second “political diastrophism” this year.

The successful launch of the earth observation satellite “Kwangmyongsong-4”.

The world had been immersed in an excited mood over the successful H-bomb test of the DPRK until that day. Worldwide, the people had focused on the DPRK over the test with admiration and shriek, envy, joy and despair. From that day, they have looked up at the sky and admired the greatest power of independence, Songun and socialism that conquered the space.

The south Korean people praise highly for the launch as a demonstration of the greatness and wisdom of the Korean nation to the world.

Until now, several countries of the world launched a lot of satellites and are launching. But, any of launches has not become a world issue.

The dignity and mettle of the Korean nation are being demonstrated throughout the space literally.

Despite the most severe sanctions and blockades, the DPRK conquered the space with their own power, domestic technology and resources. What is more important is that, before everything else, the DPRK did launch with their firm determination and courage. The wise leadership and pluck of supreme leader Kim Jong Un brought the successful launch of the earth observation satellite “Kwangmyongsong-4”, the great national jubilation.

Now, in the international arena, the egoism of the so-called “big powers” is rampant under the cloak of “international law”. The humankind’s one and only fortress of independence and justice is the DPRK.

The reactionary forces of the world are disturbing the advance and development of it.

Almost all countries of the world are dashing against the DPRK.

“Sanctions” and blockades and threats…

In these circumstances, it is a miracle itself to survive.

The justice and truth are not evaluated by number of people and the strength of the people to protect them is unlimited.

The justice and truth are the high intention of supreme leader Kim Jong Un and he leads the people to the humankind’s long-desired ideal society. In defiance of all challenges, the people in the DPRK are supporting his leadership loyally.

“If the leader and the nation want, we could reclaim rivers and demolish mountains!” The world people were shocked at this word from the people in the DPRK.

However, the word is now a thing of the past.

If supreme leader Kim Jong Un determines, the DPRK would lift up the earth and grasp the space.

The satellites of the Kim Jong Un’s thriving Korea, the protector of humankind’s justice and dignity, peace and security of the earth, will be launched in succession. The day of Korea’s reunification and the ultimate victory of socialism in the world is not far off.
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