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Ringleader of worsening ties between north and south Korea

     Of recent, military game and arms buildup against north Korea become more and more blatant day by day in south Korea.

Now the south Korean military is conducting joint military actions against north Korea including the south Korea-US joint military drill and naval intrusion of the Military Demarcation Line, and pushing forward with arms buildup under the pretext of coping with highly advanced nuclear forces of north Korea.

This fact goes to prove that the Yoon clique is the ringleader of aggravating the inter-Korean relations and the situation on the Korean Peninsula.

Nevertheless, the Yoon clique is getting vocal about nullification of all the inter-Korean agreements including military agreement between north and south Korea.

They intend to justify their military provocation against north Korea and to shift the responsibility for the grave situation in the Korean Peninsula onto north Korea.

The south Korean people from all walks of life strongly demand that provocation against north Korea should be brought to an end without delay accusing Yoon Suk-yeol of ever more open war moves. It is quite reasonable.

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