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 The US-led multinational combined marine military drill RIMPAC will be launched at the waters off Hawaii from Aug. 17 to 31.

RIMPAC, which has been conducted biannually, is the aggressive and provocative war gamble to contain north Korea and its neighboring nations with military strength and realize the ambition for domination over the Asian Pacific region.  

The south Korean military sent Aegis destroyer, a destroyer with a replacement of 4,400 tons, two LYNXs and a 570-strong troops to Hawaii on Agu.18.

It is a reckless act of closely following in America’s footsteps.

Even the pro-US nations refuse to take part in the exercise with worldwide spread of COVID-19. It shows pitiful plight of the south Korean military authorities.

 It’s the height of shameless that they talk about “peace” in public and take part in the war game afterwards in pursuit of the US.

The south Korean authorities have taken brownnosing attitude toward the US, however, the latter deems the former as a cannon fodder and the target of plundering.

Broad spectrum of south Korean people are waging a vigorous struggle in denunciation of hasty acts of the south Korean authorities which are pursuant to the US policy of world hegemony and hostile to north Korea.


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