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Root of escalating tension

     Lately, south Korean military staged a joint military game of the army, the navy and air forces on a large scale for invasion of north Korea in the West Sea of Korea.

The exercise was carried out as part of Hoguk-2022 drill from the 24th of October to the 27th.

Involved in the rehearsal were tens of warships including Aegis destroyer and convoy, sea patrol plane, sea operation helicopter, and fighters including “F-15K” and “KF-16”.

Moreover, fighters of the USFK took part in the exercise to heat up war hysteria.

The south Korean military gives semblance of “defense” or “annual” to the exercise under the cloak of provision against “provocation of north Korea”.

However, it is the height of effrontery to veil its hostility.

History tells that armed provocations of the US and south Korean military against north Korea have tightened the situation on the Korean Peninsula.

With wild ambitions of the US to establish supremacy in Northeast Asia and south Korean warmongers to absorb north Korea by force with the backing of the US continuous war provocation against north Korea has constantly rendered the situation on the Korean Peninsula tense.

Mass media at home and abroad express their deep concerns that owing to the military exercise of the US and south Korean military, a war could be ignited in the Korean Peninsula.

This fact clearly shows who the ringleader of tightening the situation on the Korean Peninsula and escalating war crisis is.

South Korean people from all social standings strongly censure the armed provocation of the US and Yoon clique for the invitation of war chanting slogan of “safeguard peace against war”.

Never-to-be-condoned is the foolhardy action of the south Korean warmongers resorting to war moves in this acute situation when a spark would lead to an all-out war.

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