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Rural villages turn into modern socialist rural communities

It is the WPK’s policy on rural construction to make all rural villages across the country on a par with those of Samjiyon City which became a model of modern mountainous city and an exampleofruraldevelopment, and to turn them into well-off and civilized ideal socialist villages in the near future.

Now the people throughout the country have turned out in the effort for radically changing the appearance and environment of rural areas.

The powerful assistance of the state, the operation of the powerful national guidance system and the enhancement of the role of cities and counties, masters of local construction, are pushed ahead vigorously while the construction of rural houses is underway in different parts of the country.

Powerful rural house construction headquarters were organized, cement needed for this project is produced and supplied preferentially, building plans are worked out on a high level and manpower and materials are properly allocated.

Finishing materials production bases were built in provinces, cities and counties to develop and manufacture quality building parts with local resources.

In Jagang Province, building materials plants were newly built and over a hundred production units adjusted and reinforced their foundations to turn out wall tiles, roofing tiles, wallpapers, fittings and other building parts.

North Phyongan Province is expanding the production capacity of the Sinuiju Reed Processing Factory in order to mass-produce a variety of light building parts with locally-abundant reed, while many counties in the province competitively produce high-quality processed stone goods and various kinds of lags and paints.

Nampho City arranged an apparatus and tool exhibition and generalized the experience gained by leading units. It is also trying to ensure a sufficient supply of efficient building equipment and tools so as to increase the proportion of work done by machines in the construction of rural houses.

Designers are making effective use of the terrain of relevant areas in creating house designs so that they would go well with the surroundings.

Meanwhile, low- and single-storeyed houses that blend in well with the scenery of countryside are rising up one after another in different places such as Oryong-ri in Phyongwon County of South Phyongan Province and Hwangju County of North Hwanghae Province.

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