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Safeguarding national sovereignty and dignity

The DPRK is the country dignified with Songun politics.

The Songun is precisely means independence, dignity and lifeline of the Korean nation.

President Kim Il Sung dedicated his life to the realization of the cause of national independence, holding fast to a gun of justice and patriotism that shows no mercy to the foreign forces violating the sovereignty and dignity of the nation.

The President steadfastly safeguarded the national sovereignty and dignity on the strength of Songun in the whole process of leading the anti-Japanese war, the new nation-building after Korea’s liberation, the Fatherland Liberation War, the postwar rehabilitation and socialist construction.

Chairman Kim Jong Il defended sovereignty and dignity of the nation and proclaimed the declaration of building a prosperous country in the face of persistent blockade of the imperialists and consecutive natural disaster in the 1990s. It is unthinkable apart from his outstanding leadership.

When the hostile forces against the DPRK and the south Korean treacherous regime wagged their tongues that destiny of the DPRK is a matter of time, Chairman Kim Jong Il made his way to the forefront to defend the country, holding fast to the banner of Songun.

He, well aware that a nation is destined to be a colonial slavery when it has a weak military muscle, incessantly inspected the KPA units to strengthen it to be an invincible one.

“North Korea is a political and ideological entity which has an extraordinary resolve not to be an enslaved nation. Suppose damages and sacrifice to be suffered by the US if it dares to provoke the former,” one of the US radio commented.

Marshal Kim Jong Un has devoted his all to build the most powerful country whose national power is strong, and where everything prospers and the people fully enjoy the benefits of socialism by carrying through the Songun cause of the President and the Chairman.

A military strength is just the national power. A gun provides a sure guarantee for national stability and prosperity.

Since he visited the KPA Seoul Ryu Kyong Su Guards 105th Tank Division from which Chairman Kim Jong Il started his Songun-based leadership, Marshal Kim Jong Un continues his inspection of the KPA units of three services in the forefront and the hottest spots including Panmunjom, Cho, Jangjae, Mu and Wolnae islets.

In recent, he climbed Mt. Osong in the forefront to visit the post on Kkachil Peak where the enemy’s position is 350 meters away. He told the soldiers there as follows:

“There is a road to your hometown behind you where your beloved parents, brothers and sisters live. Always remember this.”

The DPRK is the country of perfect unity in which the army and the people are united firmly around its leader who has a matchless courage and volition. Moreover, it is a manufacturer, launcher of man-made satellites and nuclear weapons state.

It is the Juche-based one with an inexhaustible mentality and robust self-supporting economy able to make anything when it is determined.

The DPRK army and people make miracles in all the fronts of building a thriving nation in hearty response to the line of simultaneously building the economy and nuclear forces advanced by Marshal Kim Jong Un.

The world will witness it and history will record it. 

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