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Sanctions against north Korea for nothing

     South Korean mass media and experts voice their dissatisfaction with the Yoon clique frightened by resolute military steps of north Korea for taking up a positive attitude in sanctions of the US and Japan against north Korea.

Independent sanctions against north Korea is of little avail as south Korea has no business relations with north Korea at present, as a matter of fact, it is nothing but an emblematic measure of no use, the press and experts criticize.

It is the only last expedient for the purpose of calling international attention to sanctions against north Korea in concert with the US and Japan in no condition to carry out the UN Security Council resolution on sanctions against north Korea, worry about sinking approval rating drove the Yoon regime with the political intention of making use of confrontation to antagonize north Korea, they comment.

Now the Yoon clique is running amuck to prolong their despicable lives with the backing of the US and Japan.

It is last-ditch effort of psychos who are scared off by great dignity of north Korea, a world nuclear power.

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