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Savior of National Restoration

General Kim Il Sung makes a speech at the rally held in Pyongyang

to welcome his triumphant return in October 1945

71 years have passed since Korea’s liberation.

When the fate of the Korean nation was at stake, the whole nation as well as many patriots set out on the struggle for national liberation. They appealed to the world powers. In the March 1 Uprising in 1919, they rose in revolt against the Japanese colonial rule and launched Independence Army movement. But, the desiring liberation did not come and bloody struggles ended with failure.

What was the cause of the failure?

The lack of sacrifice for liberation?

It was because the Korean nation was not led by a prominent leader.

At that time when the Korean nation stood at the crossroads of life and death, the bright sun of national resurrection swept away the dark clouds of national sufferings.

He is General Kim Il Sung, the sun of the nation and lodestar of liberation.

In his early teen age, he embarked on the road of revolution with a grim resolve not to return before Korea had become independent.

The twenty-year-long bloody war of Korean nation led by General Kim Il Sung against the Japanese imperialists was the unprecedented, most arduous and severe struggle and confrontation.

During the period of it, he lost his parents and younger brother in an alien land.

The difficulties and hardships of anti-Japanese struggle are beyond description.

Unceasing fierce battle against the enemy, biting cold, constant hunger…

He had kept all the hardships and sorrows to himself and took pleasure in painstaking for the nation, revolution and people.

He united the people, who were ignorant of way to advance, into one under the banner of the anti-Japanese and inspired them with confidence in victory. His wise leadership was the dynamics for the victory. The Korean people felt keenly that they could save the destiny of the nation as well as of their own only when they follow him to make an all-people resistance and waged a war against the Japanese imperialist gangsters.

President Kim Il Sung started the armed struggle with only two pistols and defeated the Japanese imperialists armed to the teeth without the state backing and the support of regular armed forces to liberate the fatherland. The Korea’s liberation is a miracle recorded in the history of national liberation struggle that could be achieved only by the President.

Many years have elapsed since the liberation. Nevertheless, Korea is pervaded with the nation’s deep reverence for the President.

A professor in Seoul said that August 15 is the day when the destiny of the nation was saved from the Japanese colonial rule and a new era of national prosperity was opened up. And he went on that the liberation was achieved by President Kim Il Sung, the anti-Japanese legendary hero. The online paper Chammallo highly praised the President for his exploits of liberation. It noted that, with patriotic will, he led the heroic anti-Japanese armed struggle without the state backing and liberated the fatherland on August 15, 1945 by the nation itself.

Chairman Kim Jong Un immortalizes the exploits of President Kim Il Sung and leads the nationwide struggle to implement the President’s behests of national reunification to victory.

The bright future of the nation depends on Chairman Kim Jong Un.

Upholding Chairman Kim Jong Un who is identical with the President as the father of the nation, cheers of national liberation will certainly develop into hurrah for national reunification.

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