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Self-destructive act

    Of late, the US and south Korean military have brought radar equipment in the Seongju military base under the pretext of improving interoperability between the THAAD and the Patriot.

The US military blustered that it had been furthermore prepared to cope with highly advanced nuclear and missile threats of north Korea.

Now the US designs to fortify the US missile defense system and to build up the south Korea, the US and Japan missile defense setup through the THAAD radar deployed in south Korea.

THAAD improvement and normal operation result in violation of daily life and human rights of the inhabitants as well as intensification of arms race in the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia.

That’s why broad strata of the south Korean people including residents in Seongju County are launching an action against additional deployment and normal operation of the THAAD day by day.

However, the Yoon clique blindly following the US openly pushes forward with the additional deployment and normal operation of the THAAD in defiance of the people’s protest.

This is nothing but a dangerous criminal act turning south Korea into the military base for realizing Asia-Pacific strategy of the US and driving the situation in and around the Korean Peninsula to the worst phase.

Yoon Suk-yeol who is scared off by the tremendous military muscle of north Korea, makes all sorts of efforts to face up to north Korea in tandem with the US. It is ludicrous.

The additional deployment and normal operation would only cause terrible calamity in south Korea.

The residents in Seongju area have suffered immense damage from the THAAD deployment.

Yoon Suk-yeol makes every desperate effort to ignite war against north Korea by hook or by crook in pursuant to the US, but it is clear suicidal act.

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