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September Pyongyang Joint Declaration—Action Programme for National Reunification

A meeting for national reunification in commemoration of the 11th anniversary of the publication of the October 4 Declaration took place in Pyongyang on October 5 with the attendance of delegates from the north, the south and abroad.
The meeting reaffirmed the consistent and firm aspiration and will of all the fellow countrymen to achieve peace, prosperity and reunification of the Korean peninsula and released a joint appeal to all the Koreans in reflection of their steadfast will to further speed up the advance towards an epoch-making progress in the inter-Korean relations and peace and prosperity by thoroughly implementing the historic Panmunjom Declaration and the “September Pyongyang Joint Declaration”.
And, the inter-Korean high-level talks were held at the “House of Peace” in the south side portion of Panmunjom on October 15, and the talks for cooperation in forestry at the north-south joint liaison office on October 22 under the agreement made at the above-said talks.
Some days ago, disabled players of the north and the south entered the venue of the 3rd Asian Para Games held in Indonesia hand by hand and took part in the games as a joint team, thus demonstrating to the whole world that Koreans are one nation.
Such realities clearly prove that practical measures are being taken one after another to implement the “September Pyongyang Joint Declaration”.
The declaration adopted at the 5th round of north-south summit meeting and talks is a historic action programme for opening up a new era of independent reunification, peace and prosperity as desired and demanded by all Koreans.
It indicated the detailed ways for developing the inter-Korean relations in an all-round way on the basis of the principle of national independence, and invigorating visits, contacts, multi-sided dialogue, cooperation and diverse exchanges between people of all social standings so as to make the strong trend of national reconciliation and reunification prevail in the 3 000-ri land in the north and the south of Korea.
It is quite natural that the declaration is enjoying unreserved support and welcome from the international community, to say nothing of all Koreans in the north, south and abroad.
The faithful implementation of the declaration leads to the eye-opening progress in the inter-Korean relations, durable peace of the Korean peninsula, common prosperity of the nation and the independent reunification.
Today, all the Koreans are turning out in the movement for reunification in high spirits to carve out the destiny of the nation on their own strength, holding aloft the declaration as the banner of independent reunification.
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