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Shameful Diplomacy

  South Korean media outlets and broad segments of people are critical of Yoon Suk-yeol’s junket to foreign countries as “empty and humiliating diplomacy” and “terrible disaster of diplomacy”.

  As known, Yoon flew to the United Kingdom to express his condolence over death of British queen Elizabeth, in actuality, he failed to make a call of condolence.  

  The reason was that he cancelled it because of traffic congestion and strict control.

  It is clear that how the British people took dim view of Yoon as he failed to express his condolence over the death of the British queen.

  From the first, the United Kingdom does not regard Yoon as ruler of south Korea and condoler.   

  The wretched plight of Yoon, cold-shouldered by UK, reflects objective view and attitude towards south Korea and Yoon. The foreigners consider south Korea as no more than a subject to and servant of the US.   

  Yoon delivered 11 minutes-long boneless speech at the UN General Assembly and went to the Japanese mission to the United Nations to meet Japanese prime minister Kishida who was reluctant to meet Yoon. He had a thirty minutes-long talks with Kishida for improvement of bilateral relations.

  Yoon had a 48 seconds-long meeting with US President Bidden at a meeting presided by Biden.

  He was disqualified to take part in the meeting, however, he went to the meeting place to meet Biden.  

  It is hard to exchange greetings between them as time of interpretation is counted. The meeting was over in 48 seconds.

  It is disgraceful that Yoon advertised his junket to foreign nations as “diplomatic success”.

  It is pitiful that the south Koreans have such poor ruler as Yoon.

  The south Koreans are getting vocal about resignation of Yoon.

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