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Sheer madness

     South Korean Defense Minister Seo Wook’s reckless rhetoric about “preemptive strike” on north Korea sparks off indignation of broad spectrum of south Korean people.

He is out of his sense as he dares to say south Korea would mount a preemptive attack against north Korea which is possessed of powerful nuclear muscle.

I wonder whether he has elementary conception about nuclear weapons and nuclear war or not.

The horrible history of fratricidal war should not be repeated in the Korean Peninsula. This is the stand of north Korea.

To be frank, north Korea leaves south Korea out of account as south Korea, a mere cannon fodder of the US, has no wartime operation control.

North Korea strengthens its war deterrence to avert a war and defends its national sovereignty.

The south Koreans are under uneasiness and fear and peace is not settled in the Korean Peninsula owing to the south Korean confrontation maniacs’ excessive sense of crisis and persecution complex under the signboard of “threat of north Korea”.

It is desire of the south Korean people to root out war hysterics in order to evade awful misfortune and not repeat disaster.

Kim Cheon-myeong, a resident in Seoul

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