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Shining Autograph

Twenty five years have passed since President Kim Il Sung left his last autographic sign on a document related to the national reunification.

In July 1994, he signed “Kim Il Sung July 7, 1994” to make one Korea to the last moment of his life.

Now the Korean nation is recollecting the sacred career and undying achievements of the President who worked devotedly for the realization of the country’s reunification and overall national unity. 

From the start of national division until his last breath, he made great efforts to hand down a reunified country to the Korean nation.

His last autograph is the eternal treasure of the Korean nation and the everlasting banner accelerating the Korean nation’s movement for reunification

Leader Kim Jong Il saw to it that the monument to President Kim Il Sung‘s signature was erected at Panmunjeom and defined the idea and policy put forward by the President as the three charters for national reunification.  He established the milestone for independent reunification and made practical program with the ideal of by the Korean nation itself.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, with a steadfast will to carry out the preceding leaders’ last instructions for national reunification, arranged historic Panmunjeom inter-Korean summit meeting which led to publication of the joint declaration for peace, prosperity and reunification of the Korean Peninsula.    

Witnessing emotional facts unimaginable in the past, the Korean nation is highly speaking of the Supreme Leader as the peerless great person who is making a new spring and rich autumn of reunification, peace and prosperity.

Led by the Supreme Leader, the Korean nation is confident that the realization of the country’s reunification, a lifelong desire of the preceding leaders, would come to true and a wide avenue to the national prosperity would be opened.  
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