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Sickening kiss

 Days ago, the South-North Reunification Party framed up by the “defector” scum was incorporated with the People’s Power Party and declared their stand to support Yun Seok-yol.

It is too offensive to the eye, it is an unprecedented farce of ignominy, and a sickening kiss of confrontational maniacs, people from all walks of life censure.

These guys of the South-North Reunification Party are all heinous criminals and vermin who perpetrated serious illegal acts and crimes in the DPRK and unhesitated to betray their homeland and blood relations.

That is why they plunged into a stinking garbage ground of the conservatives in order to sustain their despicable lives.

It is quite a sight that the PPP is frantically trying to secure votes even by winning such riffraff over to its party.

As the People’s Power Party and the South-North Reunification Party are exactly alike in respect of their foulness and confrontational insanity, it is no surprise that they hang out together.

The thicker the rubbish is piled up, the stronger it stinks.

Immoral filthy foams washed away from the human society and the PPP, a seat of evils…

However desperately they may try to get intimate, it arouses only aversion and dismay of public sentiment.

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