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Single-Hearted Unity, Invincible Might

Now south Korean people are greatly struck with admiration as north Korea is pushing ahead the building of a socialist thriving nation with the single-hearted unity of the army and people around Marshal Kim Jong Un.

An online paper Surprise raised a question where is the root of mightiness of north Korea that the US, styling itself the “sole power in the world” and any formidable foe dare not provoke under the title “Rosy future of north Korea” and went on:

“The single-hearted unity of the leader and people and a country of a harmonious family—this is the source of mightiness of north Korea.”

Not only the south Koreans but also the world progressives feel sure that north Korean army and people would win brilliant victory of the revolutionary cause of Juche under the leadership of Kim Jong Un, it stressed. 

Other internet paper described that north Korea would advance for a final victory without the slightest vacillation, firmly rallied behind Kim Jong Un.   

It is an indissoluble belief of the south Koreans that led by Kim Jong Un, who is endowed with boundless affection for the country, nation and people, the great history of the revolutionary cause of Juche and the single-hearted unity would continue.   

 “Supreme leader Kim Jong Un is the focus of world’s attention. He has shattered challenge of the imperialists on the basis of solid foundation provided by the preceding leaders. North Korea rallied closely with the leader and the masses would bring about national reunification and achieve the cause of building a socialist thriving nation without fail desired by Kim Jong Il under the leadership of Kim Jong Un,” a professor of political science in Seoul stated

A member of pro-reunification movement group in Busan noted that the single-hearted unity of north Korean army and people rallied around their leader—this is the great source of invincible might as it is based on the noblest ideology, the purest love and obligation and went on:

“The south Koreans visualize the future of a reunified nation and people through the single-hearted unity of north Korea rallied behind Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.”  

The south Koreans’ voice show how ardent the south Koreans’ expectation of and trust in Marshal Kim Jong Un who leads the army and people to victory with his matchless pluck, courage and adroit strategy.

A journalist in Seoul said north Korea is the only country in which the politics of people’s unity most powerful in the world is realized. 

No one in the world will dampen the will of the north Korean army and people to support the idea and guidance of Kim Jong Un, rallied closely around him. 
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