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Sky-high resentment against Yoon Suk-yeol

   2023 is not the year replete with hope and optimism but despair and pessimism due to treacherous policy being pursued by Yoon Suk-yeol.

Therefore, south Korean people are pouring their curse and anger on Yoon.

“Ushering in the New Year, I wonder what kind of crisis he would bring this year.”

“Prosecution dictatorial rule begun last year will be furthermore enforced this year. Suppression of the opposition parties and political opponents, repression of laborers demanding the right to live and crackdown of the press investigating into corruption of the present regime will be intensified.”

Owing to Yoon’s policy for conglomerates regardless of people’s lives, the south Korean economy is expected to stagnate this year, too.

Meanwhile, there is a growing public complaint of Yoon who screws up the situation of the Korean Peninsula.

“His dangerous remarks such as preemptive strike at north Korea and readiness for war will foster a terror-ridden atmosphere and inter-Korean showdown. The Yoon regime is vulnerable to security crisis.”

“Yoon is the mastermind driving the situation on the Korean Peninsula to an extreme pitch of strain by thoughtlessly spouting off confrontational rubbish from the start of the New Year.”

“The people are floundering in an economic downturn and under the repression of the police, and on top of that they are in great fear of war.”

“As long as Yoon remains in power prospect of 2023 looks gloomy. The south Koreans should make an all-out effort to drag Yoon down from the presidency without fail this year.”

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