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Slavish submission to foreign force

 South Korean religious groups strongly denounce the US interference in domestic affairs and the south Korean authorities’ slavish submission to the foreign force.

The Peace Council of Korean Religionists embracing Seven Orders, denouncing the south Korean authorities’ acts of servility to the US and reinforcement of arms, strongly demanded national independence and implementation of inter-Korean declarations.  

Fourteen religious groups including Catholicism, Christianity, Buddhism and Won Buddhism in Gwangju said that irresolute attitude of the south Korean authorities, which have pursued the US policy hostile towards north Korea, derailed inter-Korean ties. They called for the religious men to turn out in the drive to establish equal relations with the US, maintain the principle of national independence ensure peace and prosperity.

The religious bodies including the Korean Catholic Priests’ Council for Justice said that the south Koreans should not accept the US intervention in south Korea’s internal affairs and the Korean nation should decide everything by their own efforts.

The religious organizations strongly flailed the US which has picked on “anti-leaflet law”. They branded the US act as violation of rights of residents living near the demilitarized zone and infringement of sovereignty.

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