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Slushy Farce

The south Korean authirities, on August 25, held the 4th memmorial ceremony for soldiers killed in Changjin Lake and the 69th anivresary of restoration of Seoul with attendance of veterans from the US and vassal nations on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of south Korean air force.  

On Oct. 1, they made public the show flight of F-35A stealth fighters to mark the Armed Force Day. 

It is an open threat and a deliberate provocation to north Korea.

It is a wanton violation of inter-Korean agreement that promised to totally stop all hostile acts against the other side and an intolerable challenge to the Korean nation desirous of peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula.

The double-faced acts of the south Korean authirities are touching off unanimous censure and wrath of the Korean nation.

 Though the south Korean authorities are widely advertising rapproachment and peace, the current reality proves that their wicked intention to stifle north Korea with help of the foreign force remain unchanged.

Owing to the south Korean authorities’ thoughless acts against north Korea, inter-Korean relations are in the standstill.

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