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Soldiers are waiting for him

 Kim Jong Uninspects a women’s company of the KPA
Soldiers are waiting for him

In August last year KPA Supreme Commander Kim Jong Uninspected a women’s company better known as Persimmon Company.

While making the rounds of education room, barracks and mess hall to acquaint himself with the training, combat preparedness and living, he found that the company leader and the political instructor were not present.

When he was told that they were away for a meeting organized by the upper unit, he said he would come again in consideration of their possible disappointment.

He told women soldiers that they should join hands with him to add eternal brilliance to the exploits of the Generalissimos by reunifying the country at any cost and he believed in the service personnel in the east section of the front, particularly the women soldiers defending a post in the east front line.

Walking along the path flanked by a lot of persimmon trees, he asked them how much they had gathered in the previous year.

After seeing a performance prepared by the soldiers he asked them if they felt difficult in military service and how many were from Pyongyang.

He told them to be a model company in the whole army by achieving a high level of combat preparedness and conducting artistic activities positively. He said that they should always be highly alert to enemy movements and if even one of enemy troops intrudes they should fire him into the sea.

Finding the women soldiers reluctant to part from him, he had a photograph taken with each of them.

The photo session was an expression of his affection for the women soldiers who were devoting the prime of their maidenhood to national defense.

It was also a show of his trust that the company associated with the love of Chairman Kim Jong Il for the soldiers and widely known for it would carry forward the spirit and traditions through generations.

After the photo session was over he said he would come again to have a picture taken with the company leader and political instructor.

The women soldiers are waiting for him to come.

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