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Songun politics firmly safeguarding national dignity

The south Korean people give the highest praise to Chairman Kim Jong Il who had registered victories and glory in national history with his Songun politics and Songun-based revolutionary leadership. 

The north Korean army and people have defended sovereignty and dignity of the country on the strength of the single-hearted unity to demonstrate its national power when the US drove the situation on the Korean Peninsula to the brink of a war, while trumpeting about “suspicion of north Korea’s missile development,” a retired general in Daejeon said.

Professors of history said with emotion that north Korea, not a big country in territory, raises a shout of victory when some nations in the world cowered before high-handedness of Washington. 

We feel refreshed when I see a nonchalant attitude of north Korea’s readiness for both in dialogue and war and its steadfast will to take a retaliatory strike on those who infringe upon dignity and sovereignty of the Korean nation wherever they are on the earth. We have a boundless national pride through the looks of north Koreans who have attained victories by pulling through the worst adversity by itself in the showdown with the imperialist allied forces, Seoul citizens said. 

A member of civic organization said that it is ascribable to great immortal exploits of the peerless great men that north Korea establishes its name as a socialist powerful nation, and went on:

Thanks to Songun-based leadership of Kim Jong Il, north Korean socialism founded by President Kim Il Sung displays its mettle in the building of a prosperous nation.

It is unthinkable apart from achievements of Chairman Kim Jong Il that north Korea wins reputation as a peculiar socialism best in the world and socialism registering only victory, striking the world people with admiration.  

Kim Jong Il, the greatest-ever commander, led a fierce face-off with the imperialist allied forces to victory and defended sovereignty and dignity of the Korean nation to demonstrate socialist mightiness throughout the world, a journalist noted. Homepages of organizations of different strata posted articles such as “Chairman Kim Jong Il safeguarded north Korea which had been at the crossroads of life and death by dint of the Songun politics and laid a strong foundations for the building of a prosperous nation” and “Thanks to the Songun-based leadership of Chairman Kim Jong Il, north Korea brought the temporary difficulties to a successful close and is pushing forward the building of a thriving socialist nation.”

Thanks to the undying Songun-based revolutionary leadership of Chairman Kim Jong Il, who traversed a thorny path with his audacious pluck, gifted wisdom and boundless love for and trust in his people, north Korea has been in the spotlight, a pro-reunification body eulogized. 

A student studying abroad in his article titled “DPRK’s Mightiness” wrote as following:

“Many heads of state, political parties, political circle, civic bodies and progressive mankind haven’t a doubt in the world that thanks to the Songun-based leadership of First Chairman Kim Jong Un the DPRK would attain a brilliant victory of the revolutionary cause of Juche. Led by him, the future of the nation is rosier and a thriving socialist nation and national reunification desired by Chairman Kim Jong Il would be realized without fail.”

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