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Sordid threat

The US military in south Korea have threatened the south Korean employees that they would be on unpaid leave of absence from April 1 as the negotiation for south Korea–US defense cost sharing proved failure.

In other words, in case of the negotiation for five billion US$ of defense expenses fail to reach settlement, it would exact increased expenses from south Korea at any cost.

In connection with this, the People’s Party claimed that it’s shameless deception before threat on Jan. 29.

They are threatening the livelihood of the south Korean employees, as it has failed to raise the expenses, the spokesman for the People’s Party condemned through a commentary.

The US troops in south Korea have floating money worth over one billion US$. It is disgusting that they are exhorting expenses from south Korea, he said.

The more people defend the national sovereignty, the more the US aggressive nature and greed for exploitation would be revealed, the spokesman said.

The south Korean authorities must stand up against US gangster-like demand resolutely, he noted.

It’s so naive of the US that they enforce defense expenses hike with unpaid leave of absence of the south Korean employees as a bait.

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