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Spring festival immortal with brilliant achievements

     It is spring overflowing with the world people’s reverence for President Kim Il Sung.

The President who was born at a straw-thatched house in Mangyongdae as the sun of Juche on April 15 Juche 1(1912) was the auspicious event of the era by which bright prospect for Korea was opened up and the dawn of independent era was ushered in.

President Kim Il Sung was the greatest benefactor of the Korean nation who provided the Korean nation with the glorious future and rare saint who illumined the way ahead of the Korean people.

The President made the treasure of ideology of humankind by fathering the immortal Juche idea which set up masses of working people as the master of their destiny and the world in his teens with his profound idea and brilliant intelligence.

He was the peerless patriot who smashed Japanese imperialism with his outstanding wisdom, iron courage and intelligence of brilliant commander and liberated Korea. He created historical miracle of defending the national independence and dignity by achieving brilliant victory in modern war with the US-led imperialist allied forces which boasted of being “the strongest” in the world.

Born as the son of the working people, the President regarded believing in the people as in heaven as his lifelong motto. He, who devoted himself to prosperity of the country and welfare of the people, built the DPRK as the socialist paradise independent, self-sufficient and self-reliant in defense which the world people are envious of.

He put forth the three-point charter for national reunification, the common program of national reunification, and the most fair and reasonable proposals for implementing it with his tireless speculation and energetic leadership. He developed the movement for independent reunification into pan-national movement and led the whole nation to the road of reunification with his broadmindedness and affinity. The immortal exploits made by the President who worked hard for the national reunification and overall unity of the nation until the last moments of his life are brilliant along with the Korean nation.

The President made the world aflame with independence and justice with his inflexible faith, steadfast revolutionary principle and judicious political ability. He is admired as the veteran of independent politics recognized by the world and the sun of humankind as he performed great contributions to realize the cause of human independence.

It is the great fortune and the best honor of the Korean nation to venerate President Kim Il Sung as the sun of the Korean nation along with the 20th century.

The brilliant tradition and history of the DPRK had been glorified by the outstanding and seasoned leadership of Chairman Kim Jong Il. It is now being fully displayed throughout the world by the respected comrade Kim Jong Un.

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