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Square of Celebration (2)

 Square of victorious parade

A square representing a nation shows history of the nation.

Some of them remain as vestiges of history and some of them are full of ups and downs.

The squares of Korea recorded in national history were stained with the grief of stateless nation, bitter sacrifices and frustration.

Thanks to the peerlessly great men, the DPRK dropped the curtain on bitter tragedy and has written a new page of the squares.

Splendid march of victory was played at Kim Il Sung Square from the beginning.

The columns of parade of the young DPRK passed the square shouting “Long live Marshal Kim Il Sung!” at the top of their voices. The Korean People’s Army made the US imperialists who boasted of being the “strongest” in the world and its vassal forces fell like the setting sun in the three-year long Fatherland Liberation War, which could be called confrontation between rifle and A-bomb.  

Since the first parade of war victory, Kim Il Sung Square becomes the square of Juche-oriented revolutionary armed forces which win victory after victory.   

The parades boasted of precious results of the line of simultaneously building the economy and national defense and gave full play to the might of the revolutionary army. The parades made a long drive in confrontation with imperialism and the US century after century such as capture of the US spy ship “Pueblo”, artillery provocation on the Military Demarcation Line and nuclear showdown between the DPRK and the US.  

The military parades of the DPRK held at the square on the occasion of the political events and national anniversaries have demonstrated the dignity and grand appearance of the DPRK.  

When I look an imposing appearance of columns of parade passing the square, I feel self-confidence of having the invincible army.

Mechanized units, snipers of special operation forces with new uniforms and fighters making contrails with dazzling fireworks at night′

The officers and men of the civil and security forces have safeguarded the country with great pride of defending the country and successfully carrying out the honorable tasks of socialist construction, while holding tightly a rifle in one hand and a sickle in the other hand.

Indeed, it is a unique parade that can be seen only at Kim Il Sung Square.

The military parade heralded the birth of Juche-type weapon which boosted the strategic position of the DPRK.

The square has announced the columns of rocket, symbol of self-defensive war deterrence, and the latest strategic weapons are manufactured by its own efforts and with indigenous technology.

Of late, magnificent and unique midnight military parades that are rare to be seen in the world shocked the world.

The military parades held at Kim Il Sung Square become the focus of the world. Mass media within and without have made their utmost efforts to cover the parades and put special issues on the parades.

The overseas Koreans and world mass outlets speak highly of the parade in unison: “Military parade startling the world”, “military parade attracts the biggest attention of the world” and “Kim Il Sung Square is the epitome of the DPRK boasting of triumph and mightiness”.   

The military parades held at the square showed that the DPRK is a worldwide power that the hostile elements are afraid of. It is a demonstration of the long-cherished desire of the Korean nation to live in peace without war.

Led by peerlessly great men, Kim Il Sung Square becomes the one of victory at which the inexhaustible strength of the invincible armed forces of the DPRK is being demonstrated with history of great triumph century after century.

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