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Square of Celebration (3)

 Hopeful square promising bright tomorrow


In general, a square is called as the epitome of a nation and capital. We can tell the present and tomorrow of a nation through various kinds of events and socio-political activities held at the square.  

Kim Il Sung Square is the one of hope which instills into all Koreans the confidence in grandeur and brilliance of the DPRK and eternal national prosperity.     

The sunny images of the President and the Chairman at the square wish the DPRK led by Kim Jong Un a rosy future.

The torch of Tower of Juche Idea, the acme in the history of human thoughts, on the opposite side of the square tells that the ray of Juche provides a sure guarantee for everlasting prosperity of all generations and happy tomorrow.

My heart throbs with national pride of being a member of the DPRK ushering in an era of our state-first principle when the flag of the DPRK is hoisted in tune with national anthem.   

I feel emboldened that no one can match with the DPRK which formed the integrated whole of the leader, the Party and the masses when columns of parade marched through the square amid playing of “Song of General Kim Il Sung” and “Song of General Kim Jong Il“.

Blueprints for building a thriving nation have been declared at the square and shouts of the people’s pledge to implement them resound to instill into all people the confidence in the prosperity of the future generations to come.

There is a starting point of national road at the square. I do not take the sign as a mere geographical concept.

All great projects mapping out in the DPRK start at the square, I think.

The Chollima riders, who created marvelous miracles in the postwar period of rehabilitation from war debris, marched the square and the workers who carried out the vast task for socialist industrialization with strength of independence and self-reliance marched the square. The square was full of mettle to successfully conclude the arduous march and forced march in defiance of tough sanctions by the hostile elements and hardships.

The DPRK people and army have started the advance toward the 21st century and commenced a grand march to carry out great ambition in the new year at the square.

The colorful events at the square brighten the future of the Korean nation and humankind.

I can hardly stifle an impulse to hold a feast of reunification together with the south and the north of Korea when young people of the DPRK perform beautiful dance at the square amid fireworks.  

Kim Il Sung Square is a symbol of the DPRK capital and the boast of the Korean nation and the world.

Fireworks of celebration will be displayed at the square and the square will be famous as the square of triumph along with the dignity of the DPRK.

I pledge myself to devote all to bring forward the day of Korea’s reunification, picturing in mind a feast in celebration of a reunified nation to be held at Kim Il Sung Square.

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