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Square of Celebration

    On the threshold of the Day of the Sun, Park Soo-churl, the representative of the AINDF Pyongyang Mission made public an article titled “Square of Celebration”.

The article will be introduced in serial form.  


Square of Celebration



There is Kim Il Sung Square in Pyongyang, the capital of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

The name of the square is the chief attraction in view of political importance and dignity and it has rocked the world with magnificent events.

When I stand at the square, I feel proud of being a member of the nation blessed with illustrious leaders and I am sure of rosy future of the Korean nation.  

Greeting the Day of the Sun, I am of a mind to speak of my excitement whenever I take part at the events held in the square.  


Square brilliant with august name of great person


Every nation has its capital and squares.

There are famous squares with long history and some of them are well known with its size. Some of them are named after their renowned forefathers, generals and politicians.   

Such a grandiose sqaure as Kim Il Sung Square in Pyongyang is rare to be found in the world, I think.

It is the square brilliant with the august name of great man.   

The august name, Kim Il Sung, is the name of the sun.

The name, the President got from the Korean people in his teens, reflected the nation’s ardent reverence for him and the desire of the nation for him to be a great man to salvage the nation and illuminate the road to be followed by the Korean nation.

The President, who embarked on the road of Juche revolution with the unanimous desire of the nation, found himself among the people all his life and wrote a special page in the annals of the Korean nation.

Looking up to the square, I recollect revolutionary career and distinguished service performed by President Kim Il Sung for over 80 years.

Kim Il Sung Square has a vivid image of the President who clearly indicated the way to be followed by the era of independence with initiation of the Juche idea and recorded the history of victory made by the President who defeated the US and Japan, two formidable imperialist enemies in one generation with his outstanding leadership. It has written the history of the President who established an independent, self-supporting and self-defensive socialist power unique in the world with his excellent guidance.  

The square has been built with desire of the Korean nation and humanity to convey the greatness of the President and his undying achievements through generations.

It is the greatest luck of Pyongyang to have the square with the name of the President at the center around which the River Taedong skirts.

It tingles me with excitement as it is a glorious place where the Korean nation and world people have an audience with the great leaders century after century.

There are portraits of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il with broad smiles at the square. It seems to me that the President and the Chairman respond to the thunderous cheers of the masses on the rostrum.

The Korean people raised a storm of cheers of hurrah for the President in the marshal’s uniform who declared victory of the Fatherland Liberation War with his sonorous voice at the square and the people burst into loud shouts of hurrah for the Chairman who said “Glory to the officers and men of the Korean People’s Army!” to the columns of military parade.

Today the square becomes the place where the Korean people are honored with the audience of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.

I vividly remember the emotion when I took part in the celebration events held in the square.

I took it as the unquestionable truth that the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un is the noblest incarnation of moral obligation when he declared eternity of history of great persons on the rostrum of the square on the occasion of the 100th birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung.   

I was deeply impressed by his love for the people of believing in people as in heaven when I heard his speech that thrilled the audience. I keenly felt that Kim Jong Un is a benevolent father of the Korean nation when he said in his speech that he wishes the people good health and happiness, sends warm feeling to the beloved south Koreans and wants to see the day when the north and the south Korea join hands with each other.

The people’s immense reverence for the great men and shout of hurrah shaking the square was high and paean for the great men was passionate.

The people’s enthusiasm and joy in praise of the great persons can be seen only at Kim Il Sung Square.

Thanks to the peerlessly great persons, Kim Il Sung Square is regarded as the one of greatest national luck, glory and jubilation.

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