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Statement by a spokesman for the DPRK National Defence Commission

Pyongyang, January 2 (KCNA) — A spokesman for the DPRK National Defence Commission Wednesday released the following statement rapping the Lee Myung Bak group of traitors in south Korea for kicking up a confrontation racket against the DPRK from the outset of the new year: 

Confrontation with fellow countrymen only leads to a war. 

This is the historic lesson clearly taught by the past inter-Korean relations. 

The Lee Myung Bak group of traitors in south Korea, which has been reduced to dregs of the times and hordes of good-for-nothings more dead than alive, is, however, frantically kicking up the confrontation racket from the outset of the new year, failing to come to its senses. 

On the morning of the New Year Lee in his room of Chongwadae phoned officers of the puppet marine corps on Paekryong Island, the biggest hotspot, and blustered that the “northern limit line” is their “territorial line” and “peace line” and maritime demarcation line to be defended till the south and the north are unified and “it should, therefore, be protected at the risk of their lives”. 

His outbursts may be interpreted as a spate of nonsensical talk made out of his ignorance of how the “territorial line” and the maritime demarcation line are drawn. 

But one can not but pay attention to the fact that they are making desperate efforts to launch invasion against the north at any cost from the stand of the warmongers who cried for preserving the illegal “northern limit line”. 

That day, Kim Kwan Jin, puppet defence minister, in his New Year message to the units of the three services of the south Korean armed forces, let loose sheer sophism that the north posed a “threat” to the peace on the Korean Peninsula and the rest of the world by disturbing GPS and launching missiles, etc. last year. He unhesitatingly called for maintaining “a perfect high-handed posture” and “decisively blowing up the bases for provocations and wiping out even the supporting forces” as the north may continue attempting “provocations based on the mode of striking the west while making noise in the east” in the new year, too. 

Not content with these outpourings, the Lee group prodded the puppet Defence Ministry into developing such anti-DPRK psychological warfare as “lighting a lamp atop Aegibong” in the western sector of the front, which has been under way since December 22 last year, into an operation for scattering leaflets in the area of Cholwon in the central sector of the front from the New Year. 

Ryu U Ik, puppet minister of Unification, too, talked such rubbish that the DPRK “should not test the patience of south Korea and the international community while developing nukes and missiles”, “it should choose the road of reforms and opening, not going against the expectation of the public at home and abroad” and “the new leadership of the north should not be bound to the Cold War-minded framework.” 

They belong to the same group in terms of their ugly appearance and their ulterior motives. It is, therefore, self-evident that they cannot but reveal their true colors as die-hard confrontation maniacs accusing others. 

All Koreans in the north and the south and overseas should be vigilant against the group of traitors getting hysteric with confrontation racket against the DPRK from the outset of the new year. 

Such ruckus is a blatant challenge to the trend of the times towards national reconciliation, unity and reunification. This is, at the same time, a revelation of a sinister plot against the nation and peace as it is intended to persistently stick to the confrontation policy against the DPRK which has gone totally bankrupt and lead it to a war of aggression at any cost. 

It was also prompted by a crafty intention of the group to escape the punishment for the thrice-cursed crimes it committed during the five years of confrontation with compatriots by driving the inter-Korean ties into a total collapse and dashing the last hope for peaceful reunification. 

In view of the illboding moves of the Lee group from the outset of the new year, the DPRK National Defence Commission clarifies the following stance internally and externally: 

1. It is necessary to bar the group of traitors steeped in conservatism and confrontation to the marrow of their bones from seeking any room to subsist. 

It is the steadfast determination of the DPRK to subordinate and orient everything to the great cause of national reunification from the standpoint of giving priority to the nation, attaching importance to the nation and achieving national unity. 

Those confrontation elements standing against this cause should not be allowed to co-exist with us under any circumstances. 

Lee Myung Bak has always remained the boss of the traitors taking the lead in inciting the confrontation. 

It is quite impossible to expect from Lee a bold decision to care for the nation as he is no more than a rat and an idiot as branded by the south Korean people. 

It would have been better if such traitor as Lee had not been born as a member of the Korean nation. 

Kim Kwan Jin and Ryu U Ik are one and the same confrontation maniacs as Lee. They are making a desperate bid to carry on the confrontation policy which has been pursued during the five years of the Lee regime, unaware of the strong trend of the times. 

It is said that if one has a bad brain, one’s hands and feet can hardly work and if politics is wrong, a people are bound to have hard living. Lee Myung Bak’s evil politics, Kim Kwan Jin’s hysteria as reckless as trying to jump into fire with faggot on his back and the crafty nature of Ryu U Ik who has lived with poor trickery will bring only greater disaster to south Korean society. 

It is the view of the people at present that south Korean society can be in peace and the day of reunification can be hastened only when such group of traitors is eliminated. 

2. It is necessary to decisively foil by the concerted efforts of the nation any move to escalate the confrontation with fellow countrymen which may lead to a war. 

It is our unchangeable stand to put a definite end to the state of armistice which is neither war nor peace. 

The group’s slight intrusion into territorial waters under the pretext of defending the illegal “northern limit line” and any anti-north psychological warfare such as farce of “lighting a lamp atop Aegibong” and operation to scatter leaflets are a product of its confrontation policy without exception and an undisguised act to provoke a war in breach of inter-Korean agreements and the Armistice Agreement. 

The war-like forces will never escape the fate of a tiger moth. There is no exception for Kim Kwan Jin, too, as he is keen to find a pretext for provocations with his eyes reminiscent of cruel and sunken ones of a hungry gray wolf. 

The DPRK had already clarified its principled stance that it would counter any provocation with a prompt retaliation and react to a war of aggression with a great just war for national reunification. 

In order to build a reunified thriving nation without fail it is necessary to decisively frustrate by the concerted efforts of the nation any actions, big and small, for provoking a war. 

3. All the trigger-happy forces should always remember that the DPRK had already declared a sacred war internally and externally. 

The revolutionary armed forces of the DPRK, including the large combined units on the front, had already received the operation plans finally ratified by the dignified Supreme Command. 

The units of the three services are fully ready to go into action once an order is issued and mere pressing of buttons to open fire would turn everything into flames to wipe out enemies in a twinkle. 

The group should not forget even a moment that what remains to be done is just to go into action. 

All our service personnel and people are fully determined to do their utmost to defend the sovereignty more precious than their own lives and bring earlier the day of reunification, the cherished desire of the nation and the fellow countrymen. 

No one should misjudge such faith and indomitable will of our army and people. 

The inter-Korean relations now stand at the crossroads of whether they will remain in the state of confrontation and war just as they were in the last five years or they will head for dialogue and peace. 

The south Korean authorities would be well advised to make a responsible choice.
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