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Stop Military build-up

On Jan. 2, the Progressive Federation of Students in Gyeonggi Provionce called a press conference to condemn the reinforcement of the armed forces in front of the US air base in Cheongju.

The organization exposed the Defense Ministry introducing the high altitude drone “Global Hawk” and stealth fighters “F-35A” which lead the situation to the brink of war.

They denounced that this is a vivid violation of the Panmunjeom declaration and the agreement of inter-Korean military field.

They claimed that the Defense Ministry is making desperate efforts to aggravate military tension and escalate inter-Korean confrontation.

The Defense Ministry must make an apology to the people desirous of peace and suspend military maneuvers and reinforcement of the armed forces, the organizations condemned.

The participants held performance, breaking high altitude drone “Global Hawk” and stealth fighters “F-35A” with swords.

The Solidarity for People’s Sovereignty, Youth Party and Progressive Federation of Students held a meeting in front of the Defense Ministry on Jan. 8.

They had performance to denounce the minister of the Defense Ministry, demanding suspension of war games and introduction of weaponry.
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