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Stop south Korea-US joint military drill!


On August 5, south Korean people from all social standings had a candlelight rally in demand of total suspension of the south Korea-US joint military drill.

The candlelight rally for the peace and unification of the Korean Peninsula opens every Wednesday in Seoul.



The government has pointed out that the joint maneuver is a downsized command drill but its nature of attack has not been changed. The south-US joint exercise is aimed at removing the headquarters of north Korea with dispatch of reinforcements of the US to the Korean Peninsula according to the OPLAN 5015, they exposed.

The transfer of wartime operational control is a pipedream as long as the south Korea-US Combined Forces Command is on duty. The dissolution of the CFC is good for ensuring peace, they asserted.

Meantime, the members of the promotion committee for Aug. 15 national independence meeting had a press conference at which they demanded an immediate stop to joint maneuver outside the US embassy in Seoul.

The committee expressed that they will work hard to build up public opinion on the seriousness and consequences to be entailed by the joint war game. It would stage a sit-down strike and one-man demonstration outside the US embassy on Aug. 15 with attendance of figures of different strata, it added.


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