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Stop south Korea-US joint military game!

 From June 2 to 3, the US and the warlike south Korean military, contrary to desire of the Korean nation and the world peace-loving people for peace and détente of Korean Peninsula, conducted a joint military game of aircraft carrier training group in the waters adjacent to Okinawa Island.

Involved in the maritime exercise were the US naval warships including nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan, and transport ship in the 14 500 ton class and Aegis destroyer in the 76 000 ton class of the south Korean navy.

Civic organizations including the Promotion Committee of National Reunification and students strongly demanded for withdrawal of the US hostile policy toward north Korea and discontinuance of the south Korea-US joint military game, chanting opposition to tripartite military cooperation between south Korea, US and Japan in several parts of Seoul on Jun 4.

Meanwhile, the civil organizations including the People’s Sovereignty Solidarity, the National People’s Action and the National Women’s Solidarity marched past the buildings of the US Embassy in Seoul and the Ministry of Defense, and the US military base in Yongsan, carrying placards written with “Stop military drill for nuclear assault upon north Korea!”, “Dissolution of south Korea-US nexus!” and “Withdrawal of the US troops from south Korea!”   

They also held a ceremony of tearing the Stars and Strips to pieces and burning an effigy depicting the south Korea-US alliance.

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