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Stop war game

     South Korean people make a stubborn drive against aggressive war game.

A few days ago, the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions issued statement in demand of immediate halt to south Korea-US joint military exercise.

Yoon Suk-yeol group, following in with the US hostile policy toward north Korea is the author of inviting war crisis on the Korean Peninsula, Yoon regime escalated and strengthened joint military game reminding the spectators of actual warfare after it came into power and conducted large scale south Korea-US joint aerial drill “Vigilant Storm”, it denounced in a statement.    

It stressed that all kinds of military maneuvers including south Korea-US joint aerial drill must be suspended and failed US hostile policy toward the north must be waived to ease the situation on the Korean Peninsula.


In demand of aggressive south Korea-US joint military game


Meantime, a civil organization in Busan held a press conference to denounce military exercise for the preemptive strike at north Korea “Vigilant Storm”.

They sharply denounced Yoon group in a press conference as it sent south Korean navy to the naval review of Japanese Maritime Self-defense Force and invites war by introducing nuclear submarine.

South Korea-US joint war maneuver and development of nuclear capability would only foment the danger of war, the danger of war crisis is getting higher as Yoon pursues hostile policy toward north Korea insisting preemptive strike on the north, it added.

The authorities of south Korea, US and Japan must abandon pipe dream of collapsing the north and roll back hostilities to north Korea, they must stop war game for preemptive strike against north Korea and the US nuclear submarine must leave south Korea, they strongly demanded.

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