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Striking contrast

   “2023 will give us another national pride”, “It seems to us a fresh era of change is approaching” and “We are filled with great pride and self-confidence of being the DPRK citizens.”

“Victory and glory are in store for us this year, too.”

The above-said statements are heard in the DPRK.

Last year, new streets took their shapes at Songsin and Songhwa areas and on the picturesque bank of Pothong River in the face of obstinate schemes of the hostile force to choke the DPRK, green houses in Ryonpho and farm machines operating in the fields of South Hwanghae Province, thus rocked the world.

New dwelling houses have been built across the DPRK, local cities including Kimhwa County turned into a socialist land of bliss.

Happy laughter of children resounded in the country, thus evoked worldwide admiration.  

The DPRK tided over the grave public health crisis in a brief span of time on the strength of national campaign and alliance to achieve victory in the epidemic prevention campaign.

The DPRK people make no doubt that greater victory and change would come true this year, too.

“Last year, we lived on string budget, the future of this year is all dark”, “It is hard to tell employment is secure this year” and “Anxiety and fear is looming with the start of this year.”

These are remarks being heard in south Korea.

Economic downturn lasts long owing to dependent, pro-business groups and anti-national policies of the Yoon Suk-yeol clan. The people’s livelihood is in an awkward situation.    

The Yoon group has introduced lethal weaponry and nuclear war hardware into south Korea. South Korea is beset with the potential danger of a nuclear war by frequent north Korea-targeted war games of different missions. The south Korean people are under constant uneasiness and fear.  

It is obvious that the south Koreans would suffer the ups and downs of life in the new year, too.

Voices full of pride and hope are heard in the DPRK.

On the other hand, the south Koreans are left in the depths of distress.

The striking contrast predicts the prospects of this year.

The DPRK will be ever-victorious this year, however, south Korea, in which the working people get cold shoulder from the authorities, will be in the blues.   

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