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Strong demand for dissolution of the PPP

Of late, a dynamic nationwide drive to censure the People’s Power Party, a descendant of Chun Doo-hwan, the main culprit of Gwangju massacre, is brisk across south Korea.   

The People’s Power Party visited the national cemetery, however, it has spouted a load of rubbish about the May 18 uprising and laid an obstacle in the way of strict investigation into the Gwangju massacre, the members of the Progressive Federation of University Students of South Jeolla Province said at a rally held outside the office of the PPP in Gwangju on May 17.

It held a press conference in demand of dissolution of the PPP, saying that the PPP should stop immediately a vicious farce using the May 18 uprising in pursuit of its political interests and the PPP which has distorted history of the May 18 uprising should make a sincere apology. 

Students demand dissolution of the PPP

The People’s Sovereignty Solidarity called a press conference outside the office of the PPP in Seoul to stage one-man demonstration. 

They carried placards in demand of dissolution of the PPP.  

 In demand of dissolution of the PPP
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