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Strong demand for suspension of Ulji Freedom Shield

      Of recent, the South Side Committee for Implementing the June 15 Joint Declaration held a press conference in demand of immediate stop of Ulji Freedom Shield, the south Korea-US joint military drill.

Ulji Freedom Shield is a north Korea-targeted rehearsal, it is entitled as Ulji Freedom Shield in a bid to escape public condemnation, they unmasked.

The maneuvers assume offensive dimensions as it is being conducted according to OP-5015 which was mapped out for striking on the starting point, preemptive strike, Pyongyang counterattack, landing operation on Wonsan, and so forth, they censured.

They went on to assert:

The south Korea-US joint military exercise inviting war on the Korean Peninsula should be called off at once.

Now showdown must be ceased and hostility ended. 

Stop the south Korea-US joint military game for invasion of north Korea!


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