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Strong demand for suspension of war games

 Pro-unification organizations including the South Side Committee for Implementing June 15 Joint Declaration had a video meeting with overseas Korean organizations and international peace groups on Feb. 19. 

The deterioration of inter-Korean ties and the DPRK-US relations are attributable to cancellation of the US and south Korea’s commitments with the DPRK to suspend joint military rehearsals, they noted at the meeting.

The south Korean and US authorities have larded the joint military exercises with the word of “annual one with defensive nature”, however, it is the war game against north Korea both in name and in reality, speakers from the US noted. They urged the south Korean and US authorities to declare the suspension of the war games.

 The Koreans in the US said that if the south Korean and US authorities want to undertake the joint military exercise, launch it in Nevada. They expressed their strong will to take part in signature campaign for peace of the Korean Peninsula and have rallies and press conferences in denunciation of the joint military exercise. 

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