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Struggle for Pullout of U.S. Forces from south Korea

On July 13, more than 1 000 members of civic organization of various circles including the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, the National Federation of Peasants Association and the Solidarity for Progress held a rally in front of the US base in Busan port to demand the withdrawal of the US forces and bacteriological unit from south Korea.

Kim Myong-hwan chairman of the KCTU said that the south Korea authorities fail to utter even a word of protest when the US carries out experiment of germ weapon under the pretext of security of the south Koreans. He called for the workers to build a new country where the workers are masters of it free from division and yoke of exploitation.  

They marched to the front gate of the US military base in Busan and attached warnings to the wall of the US army, chanting slogan “USFK, leave south Korea with laboratory of germ weapons!”
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