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Struggle is the only way out for workers

South Korean workers’ actions against the authorities’ anti-workers policy is brisk.  
20, 000 construction workers under the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions launched a general strike in front of the Seoul Station on July 6.

Saying that they are forced to work for long hours with a low wage, they denounced the authorities’ unpopular policy inviting these awkward situations.
They marched along the street holding placards written “No suppression of the construction trade unions”.
The unionists assembled in front of the Seoul City Office to hold a large-scale rally.
Deploring that backbreaking work only brings overdue wages or industrial disaster, they said that they have struggled in demand of guarantee of working hours and wage raise for over a decade.   

Far from lending an ear to the workers, the Park Geun-hye regime put a brake on the motion of livelihood in the 19th “National Assembly” by presenting the retrogressive revision of labor reform.
They advanced 18 demands of the trade union on the law related to the construction work.
The demands are designed to keep elementary rights of the workers and maintain low life, they noted and stressed that the Park clique should accept it to settle them.      
The south Korean workers’ action will be fiercer as long as the conservative ruling quarters batten a tiny conglomerates by granting all privilege to them whereas inflict suffering and poverty upon the workers. 
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